Adverse Possession – becoming the owner of land by squatting on another’s property.


Adverse Possession is the occupation of land without permission from the title owner.
Where a person squats on another’s land, and treats it as his own for twelve (12) years (in Jamaica), he becomes eligible to apply to the courts, asking that ownership be vested in him and an order for title of said land to be issued in his own name.
Attorneys will tell you that the Law in every situation requires proof, all statements and or assertions must be supported by some authority and so the best way I find, to explain a principle or area of law is to use a decided case.
In this instance we will look at the seminal (UK) case on the topic, J A Pye Ltd and another v Graham and Another [2002] UKHL30 (Pye v Graham), I will include the year in the facts to give an idea of how…

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