BALANCING THE SCALES OF JUSTICE: Know The Law with Andria D Whyte Walters, JP 
                 THE EVIDENCE (AMENDMENT) ACT 2015

 ■ Did you know that a husband or a wife cannot be compelled to give evidence against each other in a criminal proceeding under Section 4 (2) of the Act?  So although you CAN GIVE EVIDENCE AGAINST YOUR SPOUSE, YOU CANNOT BE FORCED TO DO SO.

■ Statements made by someone who later dies,   becomes physically or mentally incapacitated,    cannot be located or who is not in Jamaica and  cannot reasonably attend court, will be admissible (i.e. can be used) as evidence in criminal   proceedings under the provisions of Section 31D.

■ Under Section 31G computer generated statements are admissible as evidence in any court proceedings.

■ Any person who makes or gives a written statement  which is later found to be untrue will be liable to pay  a fine and face imprisonment of up to seven (7)  years under the provisions of Section 31K.


The above LEGAL INFORMATION is applicable to the jurisdiction of Jamaica and is in no way intended to be relied on as legal advice. Andria D. Whyte Walters  is NOT AN ATTORNEY and does not provide legal advice. The above is for LEGAL INFORMATION only and any information provided should not be construed as legal advice to be applied to any specific factual situation. If you require legal advice please consult an Attorney-At-Law.

Andria D. Whyte Walters, JP, LLB (Hons.)


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