KNOW THE LAW – Andria D Whyte Walters, JP, LLB (Hons.)

So you have in your possession a crowbar, picklock, hammer, key or other implement for housebreaking.
[1] Did you know that under Section 42 (2) of the
Larceny Act 1942, as amended, that it is an
offence to have house-breaking implements
in your possession between 6pm – 6am? If
convicted you can face up to 10 years
imprisonment at hard labour.

[2] Did you know that having your face disguised or
blackened intending to commit an offence under
the provisions of Section 42 (3) of the Larceny Act
can lead to a term of 10 years imprisonment at
hard labour if convicted?

[3] Did you know that assisting, abetting, counselling or
commanding a person who has committed larceny
is an offence under Section. 57 and if convicted
you will face the same prison sentence as the
principal offender?

[4] However under Section 58 a wife CANNOT be
charged as an accessory to larceny committed by
her husband even if she knows that he committed
the theft.

N.B. Please note that larceny is the same as theft within the meaning of the Larceny Act 1942.

The above LEGAL INFORMATION is applicable to the jurisdiction of Jamaica and is in no way intended to be relied on as legal advice. Andria D. Whyte Walters is NOT AN ATTORNEY and does not provide legal advice. information provided should not be construed as legal advice to be applied to any specific factual situation. If you require legal advice please consult an Attorney-At-Law.
Andria D. Whyte Walters, JP, LLB (Hons.)