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How To Make A Submission to Parliament in Jamaica

Sometimes people are unaware of the power they possess to help shape the laws and legislation of their country. Many are interested in what is happening in the nation, and would love to be part of the process in a meaningful way, but do not know what avenues are available to them. In Jamaica, the public is often invited to be part of the formulation or review process for certain pieces of legislation in Parliament. Many persons are unaware that they can submit opinions or concerns about these Bills to Parliament within a given time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand how you can make submissions to Parliament to aid in the deliberations of pieces of legislation. Where to find out what public Bills are tabled: Go to the website of Jamaica’s span class=’ellipsis’…/spandiv class=’read-more’a href=’’Read more ›/a/div!– end of .read-more —

Source: How To Make A Submission to Parliament in Jamaica

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